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Spin.Works at the Happy Conference

Spin.Works has presented its S20 micro-drone system for mapping, precision agriculture and forestry applications at the Happy Conference in Lisbon.

Photo by Rebobina.

Spin.Works at TECNET Business Camp 2014

On October 17-18, 2014, Spin.Works participates in the event TECNET Business Camp at São João da Madeira, Portugal.
At this event we are showing our S20 micro-UAV system (including the Ground Control Station), currently being set up for a flight campaign targeted at precision agriculture applications.

We’re hiring!

Check our currently open positions for:

  • AOCS Engineer
  • Drone Operator
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  • Remote Sensing Engineer

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Dropship offers safe landings for Mars rovers

The conclusion to ESA’s latest StarTiger project: a ‘dropship’ quadcopter steers itself to lower a rover gently onto a safe patch of the rocky martian surface.

Spin.Works participated in the project team with its Vision-based relative navigation and H2DAS Hazard Detection and Avoidance System.

Full article and video here:


Spin.Works’ Autopilot controls first public flight of the PAIC SP1 unmanned aircraft

Spin.Works is proud to announce the successful conclusion of flight tests and first public demonstration of autonomous flight capability of the SP1 platform developed by the Portuguese Aerospace Industry Consortium (PAIC), of which Spin.Works is a member.

The autonomous flight of the SP1 platform was made possible through the configuration, validation and testing of Spin.Works’ autopilot system, internally developed to equip its own unmanned aircraft, such as the S20.

The flight testing campaign took place in October and November 2013 at the Mirandela Airfield, with the collaboration of PAIC personnel.

Video of the S20 Drone in flight

Spin.Works at the Paris Airshow 2013

The 50th International Paris Airshow will once again provide a unique platform to showcase our systems and service offerings for the Space and Unmanned Aircraft markets.

Highlights of Spin.Works 2013 participation:

  • The S20 Micro-UAV for low-cost imaging and mapping anytime, anywhere
  • The engineering model of a Non-Explosive Actuator for Hold-down release mechanisms
  • The service offering for the Space Market comprising GNC Systems, Hazard Avoidance Systems for Planetary Landing, Structures and Mechanisms and Design.20130617_112650