The SW0 is an Unmanned Aircraft System developed at Spin.Works, incorporating advanced materials, instrumentation technology and a proprietary flight control system design to enable autonomous long-endurance operations, and the collection of high-quality data for the civil remote detection market.

Building on its flight control and ADAHRS technology, Spin.Works is developing an autopilot for the SW0 blended-wing-body unmanned aerial platform, a compact, self-contained system combining advanced guidance and control navigation solutions with a navigation filter which acquires data from solid-state inertial navigation sensors, GPS and air data sensors, with the goal of supporting fully autonomous missions, including automatic take-off and landing functions. At the core of the autopilot’s innovations is a technology that adds fault tolerance to subsystem failures.

The flight control system may work as a fully autonomous system, as a stability augmentation device, or as a navigation system for a remote pilot, providing real-time telemetry data. The system’s generic Guidance Navigation & Control (GNC) architecture and the software/hardware interface standards adopted for the SW0 autopilot are intended to enable a seamless tailoring process to different aircraft configurations.

– 3D waypoint navigation
– automatic take-off and landing
– fault tolerance
– flight emergency management functions
– data logger and telemetry
– mission planning/sequencing tools