STeP UAVStructural TechnologyProgram for UAV – is a research & development project carried out by Spin.Works and funded by AdI – Agência de Inovação. The main objective of the project was to develop techniques, methodologies and concepts for low cost, aeronautical-grade, composite production, namely in the area of structural components, and moulds suitable for the production of small series (50 units) of unmanned aircraft. The project built on Spin.Works’ previous forays into the development of unmanned air vehicle airframes with its first prototype, SW0, from which the STeP UAV airframe was derived.

This project was undertaken in cooperation with INEGI, which worked with Spin.Works in the development of new structural solutions. Spin.Works has designed and developed a new airframe that can perform a variety of missions, and serve as a development platform for Spin.Works GNC systems.

The project achieved the following goals:

  • Development of new structural concepts applied to Unmanned Aircraft
  • Research and development in the production of high precision moulds at low cost
  • Research and development of new composite production solutions
  • Production of a flight-ready prototype
  • Availability of tooling suitable for producing small series of unmanned aircraft

Spin.Works has been internally pursuing an R&D program on unmanned vehicles for use in civil applications. In the last year it has concluded the aeronautical project of the aircraft along with the development of Real Time Systems and Guidance, Navigation and Control Algorithms that will allow autonomous UAV flight